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Tremon Nail Company Manufacturing Process

Established 1819. Nail makers for over 180 years.

Graph 2 After scale and rust are mechanically removed from the large steel sheets, the sheets are sheared into strips for insertion into the cut nail machines. The width of the strip is the length of the nail.
Graph 3 Machine operator positions steel into the barrel on this cut nail machine which turns the plate, cuts off and heads the nail.
Graph 4 Tremont originated hardening of steel nails by heat-treating in this century-old furnace. Today, heat-treating is done in state-of-the-art furnaces off-site. Once hardened, nails can be driven through hardwood and masonry without bending.
Graph 5 Here our blacksmith does his welding, heat-treating and the making of machine parts.
Graph 6 Overhead shafting, wooden pulleys and ancient lathes still serve faithfully in this early American machine shop.
Graph 7 Spring has arrived when the first herring appear in the river. Traditionally, the herring are salted in crocks and baked in the nail mill to everyone's delight.

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